Our Approach

Why Are We Different?


We take a proactive approach to candidate search. We carefully seek out potential candidates and evaluate their experience and profile to identify suitable assignments and companies for them.

Our matching process is tailored to ensure the best fit for both the candidate and the company. We understand that every candidate is unique and we take into account their individual circumstances, skills, and preferences to help them find their ideal professional match.


We believe in ensuring a successful collaboration between employee and employer. To achieve this, we provide preparation and training to both parties. For employees, we offer an introduction training called "Working in The Netherlands" which provides valuable insights into the Dutch work culture, legal requirements, and practical tips for adapting to professional life in the Netherlands.

We also work to align mutual expectations between the employee and employer, ensuring that both parties have a clear understanding of the job requirements, work culture, and expectations. By doing so, we aim to promote a positive and productive working relationship from the start.


Our coaching activities are designed to support both employees and employers throughout the entire employment journey, from the induction period to the evaluation.

Our company's approach involves initiating all candidates with temporary assignments, which serves as a mutually beneficial solution for both the employee and the employer. This unique approach blends social responsibility with economic relevance, allowing us to create a positive impact on society while meeting our business objectives.